Hire Best Chiller Van for Rental in UAE

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What types of vehicles do you have?

Answer: Our Fleet services have Hire Refrigerated truck for rent, Freezer Truck for rent, a Chiller van for rent, and Cargo services for rent in UAE.

Q: What size of the vehicle does your company have?

Answer: We have a Refrigerated truck, a Freezer Van and a Chiller van with a carrying capacity of a 1-ton Refrigerated truck, a Freezer Van, a 3-ton Refrigerated truck, Freezer Van, 5-ton Refrigerated truck, Freezer Van, 10-ton Refrigerated truck, Freezer Van in Dubai.

Q: What’s the rental duration?

Answer: We provide our vehicles on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly contractual basis.

Q: Have you registered your vehicles with Dubai Municipality?

Answer: Yes, all our vehicles are approved and registered with the Dubai municipality.

Q: Do you have vehicles with partitions?

Answer: Yes, we have several vehicles with a partition for moving both frozen items and chilled or dry items.

Q: What are the maximum temperature and minimum temperatures that your vehicles can maintain?

Answer: it depends on your requirements but we have a minimum -18°C and maximum Box Temperature call and ask for a Refrigerated truck, Chiller Van for rental in UAE.

Q: What are your payment terms?

Answer: We are working on 30Days PDC on a monthly & yearly basis and cash on single delivery trips

Q: Do you provide vehicles with a driver or without a driver?

Answer: Depending on the requirements of the clients, we provide both vehicles with drivers and without a driver. [Hire refrigerated Truck]

Q: What types of products can be moved in your vehicles?

Answer: Our vehicles are fit for transportation of food items, frozen items, chilled items, flowers, any machinery or heavy stuff up to 1000 Kg, etc.

Q: Do you have a vehicle with a tail lift?

Answer: Yes, we have vehicles with a tail lift and load.

Chiller Van for Rental in UAE

Zameer&Brother Chiller Van Transport in UAE

Looking for a Chiller Van / Chiller Truck for rent in UAE? At Zameer&Brother, we have almost any type of Chiller Van, Chiller Truck, Hiace chiller van for rent in UAE and hire anywhere in UAE. We provide The best Chiller Van transport for rent or hire all over UAE. Customers benefit from our first priority is our friendly customer service, best and highest standard paramount hygiene, and cutting-edge temperature technology. We take pride in matching expertise with professionalism. Our highly qualified and skilled staff can help you out with any kind of support that you need.